Friday, May 24

i may be returning

Thursday, May 23

i've got the whole of eminem's new album in the comp

well, worship me
an entry specially for mark to read:

:D wassup loser priest. im considerably kind to call you that considering the fact you call me the extremely mentally retarded loser nun. thanks dude. hell, i dont know what to say to you. its like im chatting with you right now and writing an entry specially for you, cos you wanted me to add new posts.. like wth!?! by the way, whatever happened to your sms-only-on-weekends .. tsktsk. you just couldnt help it huh? see, i knew it. yay. im waiting for the chalet thing to come :D wonder who's going. yes, im really running outta words to say.. i think its better to chat with you. ciaos.
let me elaborate on the traumatising bus trip back from town.
yikes. the man next to me was asleep and so was i.
then !! he landed on my shoulders and i woke up. yikes. i got him off my shoulders and tried to move away from him. unfortunately i was sitting on the inside so there wasnt much space for me to move
as usual, i panicked and then got pissed. AND THEN, i was scared. lols :\
each time he 'swung' in my way i would, you know.. wince. hehs
the two guys sitting behind saved my life! each time he came near me, they would kick the chair to wake him up. it worked a little. then, he became like 1cm away from me, so i couldnt help but jab in on his shoulders like at least five times. and nope, he just didnt feel it either and continued sleeping like a dead log. how annoying. these people should be labelled as, PIGS. haha.
i mustmustmust tell y'all about the guys. they're cool people. as in, the typical cool goodlooking people.
haha. and when the sleeping swinging frankenstein woke up, you should have seen how relieved i was. to think that that stupid sleeping swinging frankenstein started to give me that stare after he woke up as if i stole his wallet while he was asleep or something. i was like this close to ripping his ribs out. yea, you're right, violence is in my nature, its also my middle name.
anyhoos. i shld be running along now. i wanna catch some sleep. :)
got my mom's permission to not attend school tmrw
need a song to download?
here's a suggestion.
and that is, david usher-a day in life

yahh, y'all have probably heard of it already. but i absolutely love it :D

you, you take away the world
and i don't even know myself now
so how can i know you
and i don't want to die
and i don't want to leave this place yet
just give me one more try
sparks fly when our worlds collide
and i am falling at your feet
stars shine so much brighter
you make me wanna sit right by
and watch the world falling at your feet
i actually have goodlooking neighbours around. wow.
i figured he's this sji tracker, and he was playing football with my friends, and tackling shaun mostly.
yuck. i think shaun has got breasts or something.
he's an obese white thing.
i was telling julian that shaun reminds me of a yummy chicken,
and he replied in a very stern voice,
' NO, he's a pig ' that, really cracked me up.


gonna have piano lessons soon
augh. sucks

Wednesday, May 22

was just tlking to yan.
she's way weird
what turn passive when she breaks with renee?

the sun won't shine since you went away
seems like the rain's falling every day
there's just one heart, where there once was two
but that's the way it's gotta be,
till i get over you
. love is when she gives you a piece of your soul that you never knew was missing .
yay. new layout :)

the exams are finally over and guess what, im going to add on the my after-midyears list,
that is when i do think new stuff to do.

feels really good to stone and rave around at gardens, with jun
and i call it the headquarters of bungs. haha.
its like their meeting area or something. its filled with them.
ugly ones though

vernia calls me the niang butch ..
- does the niang butch pose -
ahahs. robin had better take good care of her stead, which is my stead.
yeps, its a darn complicating triangular love affair.

whatever it is, im really glad that the damn exams are over.
the past week seemed to pass like really slowly.

this reminds me that i have this chalet thing with the churchhies.
churchhies as in nicholas, mark, amanda, prav and pean . ?
all these fellas have this tremendous hee-uge crush on amanda for a reason or another.

i hope i will not turn this into a songbook
but i just couldnt help but paste this song.

it hurts when i thought i had gotten over you
it hurts when together forever wont come true
it hurts when one broken heart is how it ends
cos it hurts to know that you are in love again
it hurts when i see you, i see you with her
it hurts when my broken heart is how it ends
cos it hurts to know that you are in love again

36hmphhmphhmphhmphhhhh!! ahahas

wow. the world around seems to be filled with couples.
nevermind, i've got va and jun :D
and my 'crush' - jol ( pretty girl/potential a )

Tuesday, May 21

i love jolene
and let me repeat it to the world
im no bimbo
i've counted, 4 people called me a 'bimbo' today :(
as a matter of fact,
i've got enough brains, i've got no looks and no, i dont behave like one.
settle with that
argh. blog's down again

audio: hokkien version of starwars
its darn funny. got my ass laughing like nuts
right now, im getting myself into deep shit by not studying for the last two papers tomorrow.
and i have no intentions on doing so.

what i did for a math paper today:
sleep. left half the paper blank. wrote down whatever i could. i mean, literally rubbish.

before i jump into distorted thoughts, i have better start writing out an after-reviews schedule.

this sucks like fuck. i have to hang in there for one more day
/ walk the dogs
/ egg *'s house
/ prank
/ visit ikea with judith
/ swimming
/ pig out
/ crash diet
/ run around
/ take neoprint with christine
/ going places better than town
/ compete with *
/ do the sauna and steambath thing with amanda
/ play mahjong at nicholas's house
/ watch as many movies as i can
/ visit the food exhibition at the expo *its a must*
/ diet with sam
/ get a tan
/ sleep hell lotsa
/ watch meteor garden with yan

just way too much to do.

some interesting fella's blog

i'm falling even more in love with you
letting go of all i've held onto
i'm standing here until you make me move
i'm hanging by a moment here with you
forgetting all i'm lacking
completely and complete
i'll take your invitation
you take all of me

Monday, May 20

banished to moron mountain
was just listening to eminem's [ kim ]
the very brutal song that makes me wanna cry

why don't you like me?
you think i'm ugly don't you
*it's not that!*
no you think i'm ugly
get the fuck away from me, don't touch me
how the fuck could you do this to me?
so long
bitch you did me so wrong
i dont wanna go on
living in this world without you
add. mathematics just got me going cranky.
i learnt part of it and that's it. im not going any further.
i just totally blanked out during the geography, social studies and well, music paper.

when i stepped into class today, i slept.
the teacher came in, woke me up, then i went back to sleep again.
during the social studies paper, i was half asleep.
during the geography paper, i fell asleep.
and i was practically asleep for the whole of the music paper.
i have this affinity for sleeping all of a sudden.
and now im feeling rather sleepy.

btw, cheers to aileen, who tried to teach me math while messaging she-knows-who at the same time.

Sunday, May 19

im still mugging. im still mugging.
i need a cheerleader to cheer me on.
danmnit .. my brother's being a bitch again.
my sis's airconditioner has been switched on since last night
its going to break down, i swear
The prince leans to the girl in scarlet heels,
Her green eyes slant, hair flaring in a fan
Of silver as the rondo slows; now reels
Begin on tilted violins to span

The whole revolving tall glass palace hall
Where guests slide gliding into light like wine;
Rose candles flicker on the lilac wall
Reflecting in a million flagons' shine,

And glided couples all in whirling trance
Follow holiday revel begun long since,
Until near twelve the strange girl all at once
Guilt-stricken halts, pales, clings to the prince

As amid the hectic music and cocktail talk
She hears the caustic ticking of the clock.

Cinderalla, Sylvia Plath

Saturday, May 18

i bought the watch!! and yay!
haha. im supp to be studying apparently.
jun was bored. and so am i

no, va, we didnt study at all..